At Wednesday Afternoons Music, we provide a performance space for both professional musicians and music-lovers in an intimate setting with a Yamaha C grand piano. Originally conceived as a 'living room of a musician whose friends gather to play and talk about music', it is an ideal place for rehearsals and workshops, and to play through in front of a small audience prior to a public performance just to break the ice.

Wednesday Afternoons Music also runs its unique monthly concert series. Held on the first Wednesday of every month, it's a series of early evening concerts given by some of the most prestigious musicians in the UK and abroad. The series also features the performers and composers, whose rarer appearances on the UK stage make us a perfect occasion to discover some of the true gems in the classical music industry. Admission to all concerts is free with retiring collection.

Situated in a quiet residential area in Chiswick, London, it is a place for musicians and everyone who wish to share some musical moments together. Run voluntarily by pianist Rika Zayasu with like-minded musicians and friends, Wednesday Afternoons Music works as a part of our musical activities 'at home.' Therefore there is no fee for participation itself, but we would like to ask for a small contribution (suggested amount of £3-5/person) which goes directly to our running costs such as the fee for required piano tuning, audio/visual recording, and refreshments served before and after each performances. A collection box is situated at the entrance.