Jolanta Asakaviciute, House/Concert manager

Familiar face to our concert guests, brilliant and lovely Jolanta is the first person you see at our monthly concerts. She is an experienced and highly professional house manager, and responsible for booking confirmation and smooth running of our concerts, ensuring everyone to experience most pleasant and memorable evenings.

Rika Zayasu, Founder/Co-artistic director

After having many private concerts with her musician friends at home for more than 8 years, Rika decided to share these quality musical moments with wider audience as a form of house concert. The core philosophy remains the same; to provide direct and intimate musical experiences to both sides of participants: the artists and audience. Supported by the wonderful, nationally and internationally renowned artists, like-minded music lovers, and friends, she strives for the ultimate house concert series in its kind. Rika is also a pianist and you may see her performing with her fellow musicians at Wednesday Afternoons Music...probably once a year!